Chinese Trains

Next we headed back to the city, Nanjing, mostly as a means to get to our next non-city destination.  This was my first true Chinese train experience – crowded, smoky, dirty, only one cheek able to fit on the seat.  While I am by nature a pretty calm, easy going person who doesn’t mind being dirty, I am battling a mounting germ phobia, what with all the respiratory secretions flying around.  I’ll leave it at that.  This mere six hour train ride took some serious deep breathing and meditation.  But overall, trains are really fun.  Full of life… chatter, hawkers, music, food, strange smells.  There are lively exchanges going on between total strangers, a far cry from the quiet, isolating, almost sterile train experience at home.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Trains

  1. Hey you all,
    It is great reading your blog and seeing the photos. About 8 years ago I had a similar train ride from Bejing to Hohot and your description brought that trip back in sharp detail. On that train, the smoke was astounding and foul. Nanny-Co is outfitted and excited to see you all.

  2. Hi Amy Jo – just catching up on your great adventure. We used to have so much traveling by train in Europe. Remember Paolo Bunyani?!?! Keep the posts and pictures coming – what a great experience. We love you lots. Stay safe. XOXOX KB

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